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Specialty Bootcamps

October 14 - October 28

Specialty Bootcamps

Our Specialty Bootcamp classes are designed for friends and family to learn culinary techniques and have a fun time together. Each Sunday we will focus on a different theme with delicious menu items. See dates, times and tickets below. Come hungry, leave happy!

These sessions are designed to instill confidence in the kitchen. Students will learn key skills for chopping, mixing, cooking and baking. These classes are great for parent-child pairs! Suitable for ages 8+.

Discount Codes:

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  • Buy 3 tickets, get $30 OFF : use coupon code ‘THREETIX’
  • Buy 4 tickets, get $40 OFF : use coupon code ‘FOURTIX’

What’s Included:

  • Recipe cards for all items that will be made.
  • Chef hats to wear and take home.
  • Certificate of Completion for each theme.

Pies & Tarts Bootcamp : Sunday, October 14

The perfect thing to show your love and bring people together. Learn how to make different pie and tart dough, tips and techniques for a success in your baked goods. Learn about making the crust flaky and tender and completing them with sweet and savory fillings.

– Pie Dough
– Key Lime Pie
– Chicken Pot Pie
– French Apple Tart
– Fruit Hand Pie

Learn how to:
make and roll out dough, creating tapestry, preparing a Velouté, selecting fruits and incorporating them in the pie

Pasta Making Bootcamp : Sunday, October 21

Bravo! Let’s take a dive into learning how to make different types of delicious pasta. Making different types of pasta dough for different types of pasta. We will use the pasta roller and learn how to shape some by hand. Finally add fillings and complement them with homemade sauces where you will enjoy the divine flavors.

– Egg Dough Pasta
– Semolina Dough Pasta
– Ravioli
– Fettucini
– Homemade Alfredo and Marinara Sauce

What you will learn:
mixing and kneading pasta dough, understanding different types of pasta dough, using a pasta roller, filling pasta, cooking pasta properly, storing pasta

Donut Making Bootcamp : Sunday, October 28

Join us and learn how to make nice warm donuts with different flavors for the Fall season. We will teach you how to make cake and raised style dough and then complete the process by showing you how to glaze, dip and fill to make that mouthwatering donut.

– Pumpkin Donuts
– Apple Cider Donuts
– Chocolate Frosted Donuts
– Mini Donut holes

What you will learn:
Making Sweet Batter, Preparing Yeast Dough, Rolling and Cutting Dough, Deep-Frying, Preparing Glazes, Dipping and Filling


For kids and adults: ages 8+
Advance registration required
No make-ups, refunds or cancellations



12 available
Pies & Tarts Bootcamp : Sunday, October 14, 10 am - 1 pm$75.00

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12 available
Pasta Making Bootcamp : Sunday, October 21, 10 am - 1 pm$75.00

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12 available
Donut Making Bootcamp : Sunday, October 28, 10 am - 1 pm$75.00

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Start: October 14
End: October 28
Cost: $75